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Assistant Comptroller (Birmingham, AL)

posted Jul 21, 2011, 1:25 PM by Birmingham IMA   [ updated Jul 21, 2011, 2:31 PM ]

Assistant Controller Needed

An opportunity to serve as the Assistant Controller with a Birmingham manufacturer of Iron & Steel Pipe with over 100 years of success (founded 1905).  Company encompasses Birmingham headquarters & production facilities and 7 subsidiaries, over $1 billion annual sales, 3000 employees, nonunion and ISO Certified.

A viable candidate must have an undergraduate degree in Accounting and must have earned a CPA Certification or a CMA Certification. Public accounting experience OR accounting experience with a manufacturer is needed.

A thorough knowledge of fundamental doctrines, theories, principles and terminology of accounting  and the methods & practices used by the accounting profession in recording, classifying, examining, and analyzing data & records produced and used for financial transactions is required.

Background, skills and experience is required to gather, compile and analyze financial data & information from the flagship facility and seven additional subsidiaries to prepare monthly, quarterly and annual consolidated financial statements.

Candidate should have knowledge and experience to prepare a consolidated Federal Tax return and multiple State Tax returns.  Prepared returns are passed to the external accounting firm for review and filing approval.  State Tax filings are multiple due to geographical locations of each subsidiary.        

Candidate should have knowledge of modern technology to identify potential improvements for moving data electronically and to potentially improve data accessibility.  Must be proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Skills and abilities are needed to:

  • Monitor Current income tax developments
  • Perform tax research to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Apprise the company of potential impact of proposed legislation
  • Organization and planning skills are needed to coordinate, work collaboratively, and complete all financial and accounting responsibilities timely, accurately, and cost efficiently with one Accountant serving as a direct report

Skills, knowledge and experience needed for additional responsibilities:
  • Maintain systems for ensuring compliance with debt, governmental and tax laws or regulations for the flagship facility and seven subsidiaries in multiple states.
  • Preparing requested information, data and/or reports for Board of Directors quarterly meetings
  • Preparing annual medical financial reports for managerial review
  • Monitoring Financial Accounting Standards Board developments and perform appropriate research to ensure compliance with applicable financial accounting standards
  • Administering and monitoring payroll tax reporting completed by third party and identifying and communicating all discrepancies 

Interested candidates should contact:

Hinky Verchot
P. O. Box 360805
Birmingham, AL 35236
Phone: (205) 663-1301 - Fax: (205) 663-1306
Email: HinkyVerchot@aol.com